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HARTING Siemens Automation Cabling

   Designed for I/O system SIMATIC ET 200pro, Distributed Frequency Inverters SINAMICS G110D, SINAMICS G120D , SIRIUS M200D & various Siemens devices.


System partner HARTING provides users with system tested, certified connectors and preassembled cables according to established specifications and with short logistics chains.

In recent years, as part of the SIEMENS distributed drive technology, the SIRIUS motor starter has been fitted with connector interfaces in accordance with ISO 23 570-3. To ensure a continuous system with finely tuned components, SIEMENS opted for a solution partnership with HARTING.


Automation cabling range

by HARTING for decentralized drive systems:

- Power Cabling
- Motor Cabling
- IO Connection cables
- DC power supply
- Power supply for multiple
- Switchable Power supply
- Tooling

Additional HARTING products

for Siemens drive series, motor starters, motor control units:

- I/O system SIMATIC ET 200pro
- Distributed Frequency Inverters
- Distributed Frequency Inverters
- Motor Starters SIRIUS M200D
- For further devices please
  email to HARTING


- Source direct from Siemens
  Solution Partner HARTING
  (via eShop or just give a ring)
- Highest price-performance ratio
- Optimal consideration of your
  application environment
- Shortest delivery times by fast
  worldwide logistic processes
- Technical approved by Siemens
  in long established partnership

Certified Product Quality


- Decentralised distributed
- Flexible design of cable
- Control cabinet free IP65
  protected products
- ISO 23 570-3. certified


Your Contact person

Jane Few

Regional Customer Service Manager

Phone : 01604 827500
Fax : 01604 706777


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