HARTING Connectors in Wafer Scanner

Leading manufacturers of lithography systems (wafer scanners) rely on innovative connectivity solutions from HARTING

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Wafer scanner are highly sophisticated systems which are used to realised the small structures on semiconductor wafers. Without these machines today’s information technology would not be existing since ICs, the most important elements of computers, mobile phones etc. could not be produced in high quantities.

Within wafer scanners for example reliable and compact Han® connectors like the Han® Q5/0 are used for power supply and distribution. This connector offers 5 Han E® contacts (nominal current 16A; 230/400V) plus ground and fits into the space saving hood & housing series Han® 3A. In case not all 5 contacts of the Han® Q5/0 are used within a specific application the connector can even transmit currents of up to 35A (at 20°C ambient temperature). The appropriate EMC hoods & housings do offer a very good screening attenuation, to make sure that the power transmission of the Han® Q5/0 does not disturb any surrounding electronics.

In addition it is possible to solder the Han® Q5/0 directly onto a PCB. For this only a small adapter is necessary. This solution helps to avoid the usually used hard-wiring from the connector to a terminal block on the PCB which creates costs and failures.