Factory Automation

Robotics, conveyor systems, assembly and handling lines, industrial networks and controls including active and passive components.

  • The intelligent stop point

    Intelligent stop points in the HAII4YOU Factory ensure that workpieces arrive precisely where they are needed by controlling their appropriate start and stop. They represent CPS within the meaning of Industrie 4.0 and permit the autonomous operation of product transfer systems. This distributed computing power can only be implemented in modularised, smaller form and networked by using innovative HARTING connectors for our customers.

  • Compact, powerful, standardised. M12 Power sets a new standard.

    New concepts are needed to meet Industrie 4.0’s increasing “appetite for energy” resulting from the…

  • Installation technology with process safety

    preLink: high-performance connection technology that is equally suitable for industrial networking and IT network cabling.

  • IT cabling: Quo vadis?

    In the face of strong competition from wireless solutions, where is cabling headed? The answer: towards higher data rates and higher capacities for remote power supply.

  • Just pay without cash

    In the face of strong competition from wireless solutions, where is cabling headed? The answer: towards higher data rates and higher capacities for remote power supply.

  • Converging Office and industrial Networks

    The HARTING Technology Group developed a product family that is optimally adapted to the machine network and still compatible with common office standards.

  • Automation in the Smallest Space

    Han® industrial connectors play an important role in the robotic technology sector as they help solve the above challenges.

  • Connectors & Ethernet Switches in Steel Production Plants

    The HARTING Ethernet Switch ESC 67-10 RJ Industrial offers switch functionality in connection with a very robust, shock- and vibration resistant metal housing offering IP 65 / 67 protection.

  • Rotary Drives with Ethernet

    HARTING Ethernet is used to connect several rotary drives which are used to adjust the position of air flaps in a compound burner system.

  • Automated Baggage-Handling with intelligent Connections

    The PROFIBUS-DP connector HARAX® M12-L link the INDRIVE motors and the read/write stations of inductive identification. The connection is made by means of axial insulation displacement.

  • Connection for SEW-EURODRIVE Drive Technology

    Industrial connectors Han® – according to the application with standard or EMC housings and Han E® or Han-Modular® inserts – are an integral part of many SEW-EURODRIVE devices.

  • Decentralized Installation at Zentis

    HARTING-InduNet®, the installation system for data and power distribution at industrial machines and plants, is leading to a reduction in costs by the consistent use of standardised interfaces for communication and energy.

  • HARTING RJ Industrial and Industrial Machine Outlets in use by Daimler Chrysler

    HARTING offers a complete range of ruggedized Industrial Ethernet products in the protection level IP67 for this application.

  • Motor Connection With Drive

    The universal solution from HARTING is called Han-Drive®. With this newly developed series of connectors, electric motors are prepared for fast, reliable installation.

  • Modular Connector Systems at Packaging Machines

    HARTING's connector series Han-Modular® is consistently converting this trend into action.

  • Angle Encoders with Han-Brid® Interface

    High-resolution angle encoders as PROFIBUS and CANbus interfaces. Han-Brid® connectors ensure a easy, standardized connection to the transmission media.