19. August 2016

har-flex THR: The compact solution for major challenges

With the trend towards Industry 4.0, intelligence is increasingly being integrated in manufacturing processes. As a result, the demand for ever smaller decentralised control and transmission technology is rising. However, smaller is not always better. Tough industrial conditions limit attempts at miniaturisation. The challenge is to miniaturise in a way that is suitable for industrial environments, but without compromising on reliability. This applies particularly to electronic connectors which act as an interface between two PCBs and which must be able to absorb very high mechanical loads. This is where HARTING's har-flex THR comes in.

The current developments surrounding the fourth Industrial Revolution demand more compact, yet at the same time more powerful decentralised control and drive technology. Customers expect functionality to meet their requirements exactly. To satisfy this demand and at the same time keep the number of variants in production at a manageable level, more and more users of automated manufacturing systems are relying on modular electronic platforms. This can be extended flexibly with pluggable functional modules and adjusted individually to the requirements of different applications. Compact PCB connectors, surface-solderable where possible, act as interfaces. Features to facilitate automated processing are a standard in the market. However, tough industrial conditions firmly limit attempts at miniaturisation. Unlike consumers, industrial electronics companies cannot use just any small SMT connector. The challenge is to miniaturise in a way that is suitable for industrial environments where reliability remains imperative. This is where HARTING's new har-flex THR comes in.

Despite their small grid size of 1.27 mm, the new har-flex® THR variants create extremely stable connections to PCBs. THR stands for Through Hole Reflow and describes the connection technology used in the hold-downs mounted to the side. This makes these connectors ideal for mechanically demanding applications which previously were the exclusive domain of larger plug connectors. SMT signal contacts allow flexible placement, on both sides of the PCB where at all possible. Thanks to tape & reel packaging and reflow soldering, the new har-flex® THR variants can easily be integrated in the automatic assembly process of other SMD components.

Overall, a successful combination of miniaturisation, robust construction and automatable processing makes these plug connectors an impressive addition to the range.

The new THR variants are available with poles ranging from 6 to 100 as straight male connectors (stacking heights 1.75 mm and 3.25 mm), as straight female connectors (stacking heights 6.25 mm and 9.05 mm) and as angled male connectors.

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