14. January 2016


Relaying data, signals and power is an essential prerequisite of industrial production. Decentralised distribution boxes equipped with Han® connectors perform this task. HARTING Technology Group now offers an alternative to the manual wiring of Han® connectors in the box.

The standard solution for distribution boxes is contacting individual connectors via manual wiring (Figure 1). Manual wiring, however, is associated with significant drawbacks: the substantial wiring effort needed in production and the high susceptibility to harsh outdoor conditions such as shock and vibration are considerable. Troubleshooting the system is not efficient, while there is also the risk of secondary faults in service.

The aim of HARTING‘s development effort was a solution that permitted the continued use of proven Han® products while making it possible to avoid the disadvantages of manual wiring.

HARTING‘s solution is called HanOnBoard®. In this solution approach, Han® connectors are connected with a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) using an adapter via which data, signals and power are then quickly and reliably distributed (Figure 2). The solution entirely dispenses with time-consuming and potentially fault-prone wiring and is based on an industrially manufactured combination composed of the tried and tested Han® components, HARTING PCB adapters and the HARTING PCB instead.

HanOnBoard® is compact and weight-saving, while susceptibility to shock and vibration is reduced to a minimum. Tedious troubleshooting is replaced by modern, quick module replacement. Secondary service faults are avoided.

In additional, special technical processes ensure that sufficient flexibility remains for on-site adjustments also when PCBs are used.

All HanOnBoard® components come from HARTING. Since the design of the overall solution also takes place at HARTING, only a single contact partner is needed, which significantly reduces the time required to produce a solution.

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