tec.News - Issue 9

To shape the Future with Technologies for people


With the onset of the Hannover Messe Industrie 2002, this slogan, excerpted from HARTING's vision statement, reflects current trends more appropriately than ever before. HARTING sees itself as a technology group that develops customised solutions from a portfolio of in-house technologies and competencies and has been presenting that image to its customers world for quite some time. In this context, market boundaries and product focus play only a secondary role.

The current tec.News 9 explores the topics associated with (HARTING-) technologies.

In his guest commentary, Professor Erich Staudt, chair for labor economics at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, discusses a challenge many companies are faced with when he claims “Technology plus competence equals advances in productivity.” He believes the solution to this problem lies in the optimum harmonisation of existing technologies on the one hand and the competency of employees who are flexible and willing to adapt to changing situations on the other.

HARTING is very aware of this challenge and has connected technologies and competencies in the past three years:

The HARTING Way has been installed as a comprehensive management system and enables the company to structurally monitor its leadership, people, processes, customer enthusiasm and know-how management potential and successes and paves the way for the continual improvement process in all of these areas. Thanks to this system the competencies can be developed totally and the boundaries between the employees in 33 subsidiaries as well as in the regions and markets can now be mentally and physically overcome.

Consequently, the HARTING Way is helping the enterprise to evolve from being just a manufacturer of a concrete product to a company that “shapes the future with technologies for people.”

Wulf Padecken, Editor

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