tec.News - Issue 13



This issue of our technology magazine is entitled „Ideas creating the future.“ In addition to the contributions from our development departments, numerous articles in tec.News 13 showcase the deployment of our solutions in concrete, hands-on applications. Our experts report on the utilization of Ethernet in the automotive industry in Germany and in France. The issue also features solutions in rail engineering from the United States and from Austria. In addition, we have showcased topics such as wind energy as well as our projects in the telecommunications area and in the field of microtechnology.

Apart from the above topics, we take a genuine look behind the scenes and outline the ways in which a high performance IT platform makes positive contributions to customer benefits. Here, we also describe the very latest simulation techniques and our Internet-based 3-D product configuration interface.

And finally, we are very pleased that Professor Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. h.c.mult. Dr.-Ing. E.h.mult. Joachim Milberg kindly gave us an interview of the topic of “Partners for Innovation.” As the former chairman of the management board of the BMW Group and the current president of acatech, it is hard to imagine a better person to speak to on the topic of innovation culture in Germany. You can look forward to learning more about his opinions and standpoints.

We hope you will thoroughly enjoy reading tec.News 13.

W. Padecken, Chief Editor

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