tec.News - Issue 11



The eleventh issue of our technology magazine tec.News is primarily devoted to the topic of „Ethernet in industry“. The idea of an Industrial Ethernet which implements the networking functions familiar from the office world in a harsh industrial environment is an attractive one. Indeed the outstanding importance of this area of study is witnessed by the fact that just a few days after this issue of tec.News appears, the German technical journal ‚Elektronik‘ will be publishing a special edition largely composed of the articles in our magazine.

We are especially grateful for the guest article entitled „Communication, the backbone of automation“ by Prof. Dr. Klaus Wucherer, a member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, in which he describes the subject from the perspective of Siemens A&D.

And with articles covering such topics as Design and Virtual Reality, Simulation, Production and Connection Technology as well as International Standardization, this issue really demonstrates the broad reach of harting‘s technological skills. Along with specific solutions for the Ethernet environment and a glance at developments in Russia, we round off our magazine this time with a look at an emerging toll system and our own advances in the field of Electronic Shop and Service Systems.

W. Padecken, Editor

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