tec.News - Issue 1

High power in confined spaces


Modern industrial plants contain a wide variety of three-phase AC standard motors. Today, many of these are still actuated in the conventional manner, i.e. in parallel, from the control box. As you might expect, the wiring and space required are quite considerable.

For some time now there have been efforts to find a more cost effective solution. The new option offered to the market is a series of decentralised actuating devices where the amount of cable required is substantially reduced.

For connecting all kinds of actuators HARTING has developed the Han Drive® series. The latest member of the family is the Han Q 8/0. With 8 contacts (+ PE), which can handle up to 16 A/500 V, it offers high functional reliability in a compact housing. The proven crimp termination technique guarantees the user easy handling without any additional tools.

The Han Q 8/0 product is supplied with plastic housings and is suitable for use on equipment where at least IP 65 protection is required. Their field of application is decentralised assemblies for power transmission purposes, e.g. motor starters, frequency converters and power bus systems.

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