HARTING Technology Group

Han® Food + Beverage

The Han F+B® connector is HARTING's answer to the demanding and stringent hygiene standards in the food and beverage industry. It’s easy to clean housing design is optimised especially for the production line conditions in splash zones (zone 2).

The wide variety of possible inserts enables the transmission of data, signal and power. Consequently, the Han® F+B connector offers greater flexibility in the planning and design of modern systems compared to previous hard-wired systems.

Product Capabilities

The connector for the food and beverage industry

easy to clean

Housing designed for easy cleaning

IP69K rating

The highest protection class

IP67 rating

Temporary submersion protected

-40-125 degrees

Resistant to cold and heat


Materials comply with FDA 21

- Easy-to-clean design especially for the splash zone

The Han F+B connector has been specifically designed for the splash zone (Zone 2) – with standards ISO 14 159 and DIN EN 1672-2. The special housing design features a large radius and smooth surfaces in keeping with the principles of EHEDG guidelines. As a result, dirt pockets and the potential bacterial load on the connector are dramatically reduced.

- Reliable connections – even when cleaned daily

The Han® F+B connector is designed with IP67 / IP69K protection for the permanent, durable protection of the electric connections, even with daily high-pressure or steam cleaning. The connector is produced using PP plastic that is resistant to ECOLAB-certified agents and also complies with FDA 21 approval.

- Variably configurable for the widest range of applications

The Han® F+B connector can be configured with 25 different contact inserts. Inserts up to 4-pole 40A or with up to 21 signal contacts create flexible interfaces for data, signal and power. Plus hybrid inserts furthermore offer the perfect combination for drive solutions and Ethernet network connections - with RJ45.