HARTING Technology Group

M12 Connectors

HARTING offer a wide range of M12 connectors, available in IP65/67. The range also includes M12 connectors for fast Ethernet applications (up to 10G).

Our M12 ranges are available in two types of termination – field assembly HARAX(IDC) or standard crimp termination. HARAX is our unique tool-less termination method, ideal for in-field assembly. Simply strip the cable insulation, insert the conductors, and screw the connector together.

L Coded

Solutions for Power

  • -40 to 85 degrees
  • No special tools required
  • Compact and robust design
  • Male and female available with crimp and IDC termination technique
  • Power core for railway technology

B Coded

Solutions for Profibus Applications

  • -5 to 50 degrees during connection
  • For fieldbus systems e.g. DeviceNet, Profibus, etc.
  • Crimp or HARAX rapid termination

D Coded

Solutions for Ethernet Applications

  • Robust design
  • 360 degree shielding termination
  • Transmission performance category 5

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A Coded

Solutions for Actuator & Sensor Applications

  • -5 to 50 degrees during connection
  • Crimp or HARAX rapid termination
  • Quick assembly
  • Available in standard, angled, unshielded & shelided

X Coded

Solutions for High-Speed Ethernet Applications

  • High speed Ethernet applications for process optimisation
  • Paired shielding of contacts
  • Over-moulded system cables in various lengths
  • har-Speed M12 range enables 10G Ethernet speed
  • Transfer class Ea for 1 and 10G

Sensor Islands

  • Available with 4 and 8-port design
  • 4-port 12 pole M23 connector
  • 8-port 19 pole M23 connector
  • 2 LEDs for operating and status indicator
  • Matching M23 and M12 cable assemblies available