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Wire Reduction

Want to lose unreliable wiring?

A PCB can replace hundreds of cables and the associated time terminating and connecting individual wires.  Your products become compact, lighter and much more reliable.

Flexible pcbs

Flexible PCBs

  • A Flex-Rigid assembly is an elegant solution for linking the backplane to I/O connections without harnessing.
  • Wiring will be greatly reduced or even completely removed.
  • HIS can design and manufacture solutions from just the PCB element through to a complete tested rack.
Space Reduction

Space Reduction

  • Harnessing between the backplane and rear connectors needs space for the wires themselves and to be able to terminate them at each end.
  • Often this means adding additional mechanical supports to the rack, increasing space and the complexity of your solution.
  • We can remove this wasted space with a simple mezzanine PCB between the I/O connectors and the backplane.
Increased Reliability

Increased Reliability

  • Printed circuit boards are better suited to harsh environments where shocks or vibrations are commonplace. Add a protective Conformal coating for demanding applications such as transportation, machinery and defence projects where reliability is paramount.
  • Terminating hundreds of wires for a harnessed solution introduces the risk of wiring errors in production. Eliminating wiring with a PCB solution means you can virtually eliminate these risks and the time spent rectifying errors of misplaced wires.
Cost Saving

Cost Saving

  • The higher the number of connections, the more time-intensive manual wiring increases. With a printed circuit board, you can eliminate the assembly time involved in cutting to length, labelling, striping, crimping and inserting wires. Assembly can become a matter of simply pressing together two PCBs with board-mounted connectors.
  • Your production process becomes streamlined with less material wastage, reducing costs and increasing margin.

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