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Signal Integrity

Our internal specialists understand the importance of signal integrity, and we follow strict protocols to ensure that our finalised backplanes are not prone to ringing, cross talk, ground bounce, distortion or signal loss.  With a vast amount of experience, and specialised equipment, we can design out signal integrity problems, even for high-speed backplanes.  Continue reading for an overview of our equipment and processes.

Measuring equipment

Measuring equipment and capabilities

  • Broadband Digitalising Oscilloscope with differential TDR ability.
  • Measurements with pulse rise times ≤ 28ps at the device.
  • 4-port, 40GHz physical Layer test system with comprehensive software for post-processing of S-Parameter data into the Time Domain.
  • 12.5Gb/s Bit Error Rate Transfer with pattern generator for Eye diagram analysis.
High frequency simulation

High frequency simulation

  • Propagation delay and skew.
  • Impedance profile and rise time degradation.
  • Eye-diagram and mask-test data.
  • Bit-error rate test information up to 12.5Gb/s per differential line.
  • 40GHz S-parameter analysis.
  • Signal rise and fall times.


  • Time and frequency domain characterisation.
  • Characteristic impedance.
  • Reflection/standing wave ratio.
  • 4-Port S-parameter analysis.
  • Return loss, attenuation, cross talk.
  • Eye-diagram – compliance test with chip vendor evaluation models.
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In our independent Corporate Technology Services ‘Central Laboratory’, we can also carry out environmental and other electromechanical test protocols to determine a finished backplane’s suitability for use in a range of applications, such as:

  • Climate and environmental tests.
  • Electromechanical testing: vibration and mechanical shock, material analysis and microscopic examinations, and insertion and removal forces.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): Radiated and conducted.

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