HARTING Technology Group

Mechanical Design

The PCB is only half the story…

HARTING Integrated Solutions can provide you with a co-ordinated design service where we listen to your project requirements and work with you from concept designs to a fully integrated mechanical and PCB solution, using our experience built up over more than 20years.

Concept design

Concept Designs

HARTING Integrated Solutions offers concept design to full implementation service using 3D design software:

  • Interactive 3D pdf models to illustrate proof of concept before embarking on the full design
  • Innovative solutions aimed at reducing cost, weight and size
  • Engineering excellence using management  tools such as FMEA, cost-benefit analysis and DFx
  • A full project planning service using our Project Managers and Engineers working integrally with your team.
PCB Thermal modelling

Modelling, simulation & testing

Modelling, simulation and testing of today's high-speed, thermally stressed backplane platforms using techniques such as:

  • Forced-air cooling chassis & sub-racks.
  • Thermal modelling across the PCB to identify hot-spots and high current-density areas.
  • Product testing at HARTING's accredited facilities offering tests for shock and vibration, anechoic chamber EMC testing, salt-spray and Ingress Protection, along with many others.
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Cost reduction expertise

Using our expertise in mechanical engineering, we can help drive down production costs through design-led initiatives such as:

  • Passivated aluminum or galvanized steel materials
  • Riveted construction
  • Punched-and-formed card guides
  • Integrated features like fan trays and filters
Specialised rugged

Enclosure design

Specialised rugged rack and chassis design for harsh environments with application experience in:

  • Defence
  • Rail
  • Industrial
  • Power Generation & Transportation

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