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Could you benefit from global production?

Our manufacturing footprint, covering three continents, assembles large format PCBs. Combined with comprehensive test facilities and industry standard certifications, you can rely on the global manufacturing of one of the most respected connector brands.

Common Equipment

Common equipment, procedures and tooling

HARTING Integrated Solutions has a unique manufacturing set-up across 3 sites in Northampton UK, USA and Asia.  This Global setup gives you the advantages of

  • Uniformity and security of supply
  • Smooth transfer of product production from one facility to another
  • Efficient local manufacturing support for Global Customers
  • Disaster protection
  • State of the art equipment

State of the art equipment

  • Vapour-phase SMD board assembly up to 1.5m long, 800mm wide and 64 layers. 
  • Component sizes from 0402 to 56mm2.
  • Re-flow and selective soldering in a 99.995% nitrogen atmosphere.
  • Fully-automatic press-fit insertion machines with force generating profile report available on request for every PCB.
  • Flux removal station using vacuum drying, meaning that drying takes place at only 69°C and leaves boards ready for conformal coating immediately.
  • Conformal coating using HPA (high performance acrylic).
Rapid and accurate test equipment

Rapid and accurate test equipment

  • RoBAT test system for electrical and mechanical testing of large pin field backplanes. 
  • A moveable Bed of Nails fixture with optical inspection of pin alignment to 0.25mm scans the backplane and compares it to a ‘Golden’ standard board.
  • Linx backplane tester. 65,000 node capability with custom jigs for rapid test times.
  • PXI functional testing and in-circuit programming of memory devices for board identification and traceability data. 
  • Expandable to encompass JTAG Boundary Scan test for complex circuits.


  • ISO9001:2008
  • ISO14001
  • AS9100 (North America)
Working standards

Working standards

  • IPC 610 J standard, class 3 (the highest level).
  • In-house trainers.
  • Static-safe for all products.
  • RoHS Compliant manufacturing.

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