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Power to the PCB!

PCB's offer clear advantages over wiring for signal and data. With HanOnBoard®, you won't need to wire separate connections for your power supplies onto the PCB. Han® PCB connector solutions provides the perfect bridge to experience the advantages of flexible connection technology.

Power direct

Power direct from connector to PCB

  • HanOnBoard® is a connector technology from HARTING which replaces standard discrete wiring from power I/O connectors down onto the PCB.
  • Instead, the adaptor allows the Han® connector to sit right on the PCB.
  • HARTING have a range of adaptors and Han® contacts covering most of the Han® range.
Robust by design

Robust by design

  • Printed circuit boards are inherently more resistant to external influences such as shock and vibrations compared with discrete wiring.
  • Thus HanOnBoard® solutions lend themselves to the harsh environments in which industrial machinery, automation and transport applications must perform.
  • HanOnBoard® also means the total electrical path benefits from the enhanced protection which conformal coatings provide.
Reduced space

Reduced space, reduced weight, reduced costs

  • A PCB with HanOnBoard® can replace dozens of power cables.
  • As a result, distribution boxes can be much more compact and lighter.
  • Your production costs reduced through streamlined production and less material usage, giving you more room for margin and market leading price.
Designed for production

Designed for production

  • Manual wiring carries the risk of assembly error, variations on product quality and cabling errors.
  • PCB-based solutions are totally reproducible and suitable for series products even with small batch sizes.
  • Time-consuming production rework can be completely eliminated.

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