HARTING Technology Group

Backplane Design

Customised Backplanes

We specialise in custom interconnect products, from modified VME right through to fully custom, including hybrid backplanes and flex-rigid solutions. You can minimise or remove wiring with our designs to provide dependable, repeatable assemblies.

Design Capabilities

Design Capabilities

  • Design simulation & signal integrity services.
  • Platform, customised and bespoke PCBs, integrated solutions and harnessing.
  • Manufacture, test and quality assurance of high complexity, flexible & rigid multilayer pcbs.
  • Complete in-house capability: a total Value Chain across a Global Footprint with operations mirrored in Europe, Asia and US.
  • High speed design excellence translating into error-free designs with typical transmission rates of 40Gb/s.
  • Build-to-print from Gerber files or full custom design service.
Platform Standards

Platform Standards

  • Can be modified to suit your application.
  • Provide system integrity and signal speeds you require.
  • Reference designs including VME, VME64x, CompactPCI, Advanced TCA, micro-TCA, VXS, VPX, Open VPX.
Design tools

Design Tools

  • Cadence Allegro software.
  • TurboCAD design platform for mechanical design.
  • Design simulation and validation SPICE and HSPICE modelling.
PCB technology

PCB Technology

  • Rigid PCB's from single layer up to 64 layer.
  • Processing of boards up to 1500mm x 1000mm with surface-mount components.
  • Semi-flex and flex-rigid expertise for solutions requiring up to 180 degree bends and 100% wire reduction.
  • Experts in translating high-speed and high-current requirements into Printed Circuits.

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