HARTING Technology Group
Han<sup>®</sup> Pneumatic Modul Metal

High mating cycles - For compressed air distribution systems

Ever increasing demands are being made on industrial production interfaces. Networked facilities require greater flexibility than ever before. Production facilities requiring frequent conversion need connectors that can be plugged and unplugged more frequently.

The new Han® Pneumatic Module Metal from HARTING enables frequent mating cycles for compressed air distribution systems, too. Pneumatic applications , e.g. for supply to transmission units, controls, holding and unloading units are gaining increasing levels of flexibility.

HARTING uses superior quality High Mating Cycle contacts made of metal to achieve a high number of mating cycles. Whereas plastic contacts can only be plugged and unplugged 500 times, > 10,000 mating cycles have now been made possible.

The new interface now also works at a higher operating pressure: instead of the previous upper limit of 8 bars (Han® Pneumatic-Module with plastic contacts) the new metal contacts can withstand 10 bars of pressure - permanently. This means that the Han® Pneumatic Module Metal can handle the entire low-pressure range. There are now many new application options for mateable compressed air distribution systems.

The use of metal contacts also opens up new combination possibilities for pneumatics in connectors for high mating cycles (HMC): electrical contacts for the transfer of signal and power can now be combined with contacts for the transfer of compressed air in HMC connectors for the first time – saving users valuable build space and assembly time.

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Your benefits at a glance:

Pneumatic modul suitable for 10,000 mating cycles
Robust contacts made of metal (without using guide pins and –bushes)
Optimized flow rate for maximally efficiency
Two connection technologies available (Time saving with push pull connection technology)
10 bars of pressure with 3, 4 , 6 mm hose connection
Space saving due to higher contact density