HARTING Technology Group


Your systems partner for Plug & Play solutions in the Energy market. HARTING brings you the required interfaces for a modular plant construction with reliable Plug & Play installation. Customised solutions are designed to meet your project specifications.

Working together, HARTING can help you reduce cost, improve installation processes and save space with innovative connectivity solutions. HARTING supply EMC compliant products for the renewable and PGTD Energy market, including Plug & Play, integrated systems and high pin count connectivity for high power.

HARTING Integrated Solutions

  • Sub-rack assemblies
  • Interface Boxes
  • Solutions for Power on the PCB
  • Wire reduction and cost reduction solutions
  • Backplanes, sub-racks and enclosure for Power Control systems

HARTING Customised Solutions

  • Subcontract cable assemble builds for power comms and I/O
  • Fibre Optics
  • Box Builds
  • Control Panels


Latest Han

  • High voltage and high current
  • Power Supplies
  • EMC Compliant
  • Outdoor grade plastic connectors
  • Bulk heads and much more
  • High pin count connectivity

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  • HARTING are developing solutions that help you manage your energy plant from the logistical handling during construction right through to maintenance of the plant.


  • HARTING are developing solutions the help you manage power generation and distribution form the logistical handling during the construction right through to the maintenance of the plant.