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Digital Retrofit

What is a Digital Retrofit?

A digital retrofit is the process of upgrading a legacy or un-digitalised machine into a connected, digitalised machine. This can be achieved by retrofitting a modular industrial computer,

such as the MICA® that can be used to unlock capabilities to communicate with other machinery and systems that are currently in place and embedded.


How can a Digital retrofit project help you?

A digital retrofit project with MICA® allows you to leave your machines and control logic as they are, by retrofitting the MICA you can read data from current networks and protocols without affecting existing systems.

Condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and energy management are not just for modern facilities any more. Continue using your tried and tested machines and facilities and give them a digital retrofit!

The potential: greater transparency, increased facility availability and more efficient operating processes. With the same machines.

What is MICA®

MICA functions as a small, robust computing unit between physical devices and the higher-level IT system. The cost-effective solution allows you to run computing power at all levels as well as communicate with central IT systems and the cloud.

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Benefits of a MICA Digital Retrofit

  • Create a smarter factory & business
  • Extend the life of existing machinery
  • No need to invest in new machinery
  • No lengthy upgrades resulting in long downtimes.
  • Easy to scale across your plant 


What is the MICA ? Modular Industry Computing Architecture for Industry 4.0

Whitepaper Downloads

Read the MICA Whitepaper to find out how Linux containers are being used for virtualisation in embedded devices and small computers for manufacturing environments.

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