HARTING Technology Group

On the 29th September, HARTING UK held the annual Coffee Morning event in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Cancer is something that has affected many of us in some way, with statistics telling us that 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with the illness in their lifetime. The Coffee Morning is Macmillan’s biggest global fundraising event, and what better way to raise money for the charity than to eat a ridiculous amount of cake!

Jane Few, HARTING’s Regional Customer Service Manager has run the Coffee Morning every year for the last 21 years, and I’m sure she will be at the helm for many more to come. Jane started running the event 21 years ago in her first year at HARTING, ‘I received a flyer and thought it was a great cause. It is especially poignant after suffering a loss in the family from cancer, so holding the Coffee Morning was a perfect way to help the charity in his memory’.

The coffee morning has evolved over the years, starting out with Jane just serving tea and coffee but now all sorts of treats are available to enjoy. A particularly good year involved a gigantic and very delicious tiramisu, made by Purchasing Administrator Michaela Herbei, that Jane described as “huge and delicious”. Both great cake qualities! One of the hits this year were the sausage rolls baked by Internal Sales Executive Kate Fisher, which disappeared very quickly.

This year, Jane was particularly overwhelmed with not only the large contribution of cakes, biscuits and other high calorie goodies (who wouldn’t be), but also the generosity of the donations. The dark chocolate and beetroot brownies made by Management Accountant Jennie Clark were especially intriguing! With the event being held in Jane’s office, she was able to witness first hand the support and passion people have for the charity. We’re just not too sure how Jane was able to concentrate with all that food practically on her desk all morning!

Since 1996, HARTING UK has raised a total of £7,520.21, and this year our aim was to raise another £500 to bring the total amount  up to £8,000. We raised just over £400 on the day, but with plenty of cake left over, the donations continued the week after the event, resulting in a further £60 being raised. In addition to the donations from staff members/cake eaters, the company kindly matched the donations, making our total amount raised this year £920.

Overall, it was another successful year supporting Macmillan Cancer Support. We came, we donated, we ate cake and we left with our trousers feeling ever so slightly tighter.