05. October 2015

The Wiring Conundrum…Hardwire or Plug & Play?

The Hardwire scenario
Your product has been designed and built with the wiring be hardwired straight to an electrical circuit. Your product is being sold and in regular use with your customers. Happy days, business is booming. Then out of the blue you get a phone call.

The problem

The product has broken down. Turns out it’s an electrical fault. A quick fix is not doable as the product is hardwired. Your customer is losing money as the product is no longer functioning. Worse still, someone has to fix the problem. Loss of time, loss of money, it’s all adding up.

The risks

The above is one example of risks associated with hardwiring. Other examples include factory maintenance shutdowns (where products are based) and product relocation. When the wiring of a product is permanently connected to an electrical circuit these associated risks of additional costs and time must be registered.

The HARTING solution – Plug & Play

By wiring your product through connectors, you can connect to and disconnect from the electrical circuit with ease. Whether it’s an electrical fault, factory shut down or product relocation the connector solution through Plug & Play will substantially reduce the associated risks of increased time and cost.

Plug & Play can be applied to any industrial, electrical and mechanical application at either design or production stage. With HARTING Customised Solutions, we can transform your application into a mating Plug & Play solution. For further information please contact us.

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