09. May 2017

Maintenance-free and wireless condition monitoring of moving parts

HARTING Embedded Transponder Base

Industry 4.0 means the networking of a wide range of components, equipment and IT systems. Until now, it has been difficult to monitor fast-moving and even rotating objects, as a cable or a battery is required in the sensor. And a battery also always means maintenance and is a source of errors. The HARTING Embedded Transponder Base (ETB) now fills this gap, turning even fast-moving parts into “Industry 4.0 components.”

The ETB makes it possible to monitor the condition of objects and identify them clearly over a distance of a few metres – wirelessly and without batteries. In addition to retrieving data from four discrete conditions, the latest generation can also capture and transmit field bus- and vendor-independent analogue readings.

Axles, tools and transport systems are given their own unique ID. The ETB also measures current environmental conditions such as temperature. Condition can then be monitored accurately and used to improve the process directly. It is very easy to connect other sensors and switches to the ETB. This makes totally new applications possible in the field of condition monitoring.

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