11. January 2017

Looking back at 2016…

2016 at HARTING

Now we’ve nearly completed the first month of the new year we thought it would be apt to look back at 2016. It was a busy year for us at HARTING with plenty of exhibitions, new products and other excitement but here are our top 5 highlights.

1. Our top highlight of 2016 has to be Hannover Messe. The sheer size of this event makes it legendary and 2016 was especially poignant as HARTING received the HERMES AWARD for the MICA Industrial Computer. The Harting family had the privilege of meeting US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and showcasing some of our products. They were especially intrigued with the presentation of the Rinspeed ‘Etos’ car which uses MICA to capture and transmit drive and emissions data.

2. As well as Hannover Messe, HARTING also exhibited at Infrarail, Drives & Controls, Seaworks, Global Offshore Wind, IMHX and Smart Factory. Phew, 2016 was definitely busy! It was also the debut of our new modular stand, allowing our brand to be easily identifiable at busy shows.

3. In 2016 the buzz around Integrated Industry grew and as such innovative products and solutions emerged, answering the need for a fully connected operating system. HARTING’s contribution to this was the launch of the MICA Industrial Computer. Discover more here

4. Last year we had lots of great social events, both inside and outside the office. Some of the best were our staff BBQ, Laserquest, Bowling and Trampolining. Not forgetting the visit from the ice cream van on the hottest day of the year, when we were all treated to a Mr Whippy.

5. 2016 also saw numerous new starters join. They have all settled in well and are enjoying being part of our dynamic company and getting involved in the aforementioned social events. Read our introductory blog posts here

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