17. May 2016

Han Modular®

Han Modular®

Looking for a combination of power, signal and data in one connector? Look no further than Han-Modular® range from HARTING. With a continually growing range of inserts, frames, hoods and housings, you can create a connector that matches your specification exactly.

By using a modular solution combining different transmission media into one connector, you can;

  • Save installation time using pluggable connections rather than hardwiring
  • Reduce the downtime associated with production and maintenance
  • Save space by combining transmission and wiring in one connector
  • Modules can be easily changed or extended to enable secure future proofing
  • Reduce the cost incurred by all of the above

Here you will find an overview of the components within a modular connector to help you choose the best option. You can build your own Han-Modular® connector using the online configurator. This step by step tool allows you to select every element of the connector, from the locking mechanism and voltage requirements, to the number of power and signal contacts in each insert.

For a complete overview of the Han-Modular® range including part numbers and technical data sheets, click here.

Han-Modular® Inserts

With over 50 modules available for different transmission media, including various termination methods, the insert element transfers power, signal and/or data.  

The HARTING Han-Modular® range includes hybrid inserts to mix media transmissions, USB modules, Pneumatics modules plus modules specially designed for field assembly to allow quick and easy onsite termination.

It’s like creating your own puzzle. You can select the different pieces to fit perfectly into a connector and complete the transmission puzzle.


Han-Modular® Hinged frames

This hinged frame system allows you to fit your modular inserts, securely within the connector hood and/or housing.

The high mechanical stability can protect against vibration and impact stress, ideal for harsh environments such as in transportation.

The HARTING range of Han-Modular® Hinged frames can fit between one and six modules, with future proofing dummy inserts available to easily change or extend transmission.


Han-Modular® Docking frames

The Docking frame system is designed for blind mating connectors, so each module slides in and out like a drawer.

Made from polycarbonate material, the robust design has built in guide pins and can be securely fixed with standard M4 screws.  

The HARTING range of Han-Modular® Docking frames can fit between two and six modules, in fixed or float mount, with future proofing dummy inserts available to easily change or extend transmission.


Han-Modular® hoods and housings

Hoods and housings are the protective enclosure that shields the inserts from its external environment.

The defining feature of the Han-Modular® range of hoods and housings is that the frame is built in, so the inserts fit directly into the enclosure. This allows you to save assembly time and space when real estate is a limiting factor.

Within the range, HARTING have several models available depending on the application. For more information on each product, click on the link.


If you would like to know more, or need help building the right connector for a specific application, email us or call 01604 827500.

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