07. February 2017

Data Centre asset management solutions-RFID


In a world filled with technology driven innovation, Data Centres are more crucial than ever to the companies at the forefront of the technological revolution. Reliability is key to these businesses, and periods of downtime are costly. As a result, they are seeking cost effective solutions to minimise any security threats to physical elements of the Data Centre.

The integration of RFID technology, such as transponders and antennas with suitable multiport readers, improve Data Centre operational management through real-time asset monitoring and control.  This supports the ever growing trend in the development of co-location or rented Data Centres, where the operator/service provider manages the key assets – servers, switches, storage – for a variety of rental customers.  The RFID technology continuously monitors, records and reports on asset movement, reducing liability issues.

Historically such Data Centre key assets have been monitored using bar-code technology or portable hand-held RFID reader systems that have a small UHF read range.  This requires employees to walk down aisles and identify the piece of equipment and its location - a very time-consuming task and as such, one that is not undertaken often. It also relies on the competence and integrity of the operator carrying out the check. In addition, several antennas would be required to read the asset tags for a typical 45U server rack, multiplying costs further for a complete server room installation.

These issues can be addressed through the introduction of the flexible Ha-VIS RFID LOCFIELD® antenna to the Data Centre. It can be directly integrated, with insulating spacers, onto the rear side of the front access door of each server rack.  Only one of these antennas needs to be fitted for a fully installed 45U sever rack.  By fitting in an extended S-shape design you can achieve the best possible RF field coverage of the complete rack in conjunction with a suitable multiport reader. The reader has the required power to match the correct read distances and can automatically register passive RFID tags that provide specific item identification and monitor its movement within a rack. If required, you could also store the maintenance record of a specific asset directly onto the tag.

Discover more by downloading the whitepaper here.

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